Our Discipleship Process

Our Process for Making Disciples

Matthew 28:18-20;  Matt. 25:14-30;  Matt. 25:31-40

Our goal for every First Calvary member is to build disciples of Christ who can be confident that on the appointed day for them to stand before Jesus they can hear Him say, "Well done.

Contrary to popular belief, this does not occur by simply "going to church. Becoming a disciple worthy of their "Well done requires you to make a deliberate decision to become what the Lord has designed for you to become.

This discipleship process is how we intend to make "Well done a reality for every member

Our process uses the four points on the compass: North, West, South, and East to take people through four areas of ministry to lead them to growth, service and sharing their faith with others..

Our Process

Module 1 “ New Beginning

This is a six lesson course taught by the pastor that takes new members and new believers through many of the basics of Christian faith and Baptist doctrine and polity.  Some of the subjects include: 1)Christian Conversion; 2)Christian Growth; 3)The Church; 4)What Baptist Believe; 5)Gifts and Talents for Church Use; 6)Church Covenant; 7)The Church History & Vision; 8)Baptist Church Polity; 9)Stewardship; 10)Church Etiquette; 11)Continuing Discipleship; 12)The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts

This module is designed to give the new or seasoned believer the basics of what we believe and how we practice it in the context of our faith as Missionary Baptist and is suggested for all members.

Module 2 “ Worship God

Both during and after completing new beginning class church disciples are encouraged to involve themselves in teaching and small groups to help them grow in the faith and discipleship.  We have various venues for learning and fellowship and we encourage members to avail themselves to take advantage of as many of them as possible.  These include but are not limited to:

1.  Regular Worship Attendance where the Word is preached

2.  Children's Church

3.  Sunday Church School Class

4.  Bible Study Classes

5.  Wednesday Youth Academy

6.  Youth Bible Study

7.  Deacon Family Ministry Groups

8.  Prayer Partners

9.  Discipleship Class

10. Leadership Training Class

Module 3 “ Serve Mankind

As disciples are worshipping God and growing in their faith, they are encouraged to Serve Mankind in some capacity.  This may be done through serving in the church, in the community, and even the world through mission trips and others .  Throughout the ministry we provide various opportunities for people to serve, including:

1. Church Ministries

2. Church Auxiliaries

3. Community Volunteering and Mission trips

4. Outreach Ministries

Module 4 “ Evangelize the World

As disciples are growing in their faith, and serving God in some capacity, they are encouraged to look for opportunities to Evangelize the World.  We encouraged this to be done by providing evangelism training classes and insisting that they take advantage of opportunities to: 1)share their faith through relationships (family members, friends, co-workers, etc.) with tracts provided; 2)share in big event outreach activities; and 3)share in community witnessing campaigns.

How it flows

Module 1 “ All church members are encouraged to go through this class of foundational


Module 2 “ All members are encouraged to come to Worship & Children's church 


                    Choose 1 - Bible teaching class “ SS or Noon Day or Evening Bible Study

                    Assigned to a Deacon Ministry Group and chooses a Prayer Partner

                    The Discipleship Class and the Leadership Training Class are

                    suggested for those serving in a ministry or auxiliary of the church

Module 3 “ Each member is encouraged to choose at least one area of Service “ 

                    1)Church ministries or auxiliaries; 2)Community Volunteering; 3)Outreach


                    Mission trips are optional for all members

Module 4 “ Each member is encouraged to take the Evangelism Training Class and

                    share their faith through close relationships

                    Also should participate in one of the following: 1)Big Event Outreach;

                    2)Community Witnessing Campaign